'How-To' Projects


How-To Select a Waterproof Coating for 'Cardboard Boat Book' boats

This supplement provides an explanation of the waterproof coating that I recommend to waterproof cardboard boats. I have 1 boat that is over 30 years old that is still used today due to the excellent waterproof properties of the coating discussed here. 

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How-To Make an Electric Powered 'Cardboard Boat Book' eBoat

View a short video clip of an Electric Powered 'Cardboard Boat Book' eBoat

  • A electric motor mount is constructed with 1/2-inch plywood.  
  • The motor mount is secured to the stern with velcro.
  • A 12-volt marine battery is installed in the front compartment of the boat between the boaters feet.
  • A section of PVC pipe is installed around the rudder and accelerator handle allowing the boat captain to steer the boat and adjust the speed of the boat.

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How-To Make a Larger, or Smaller, 'Cardboard Boat Book' Boat

  • It is very simple to construct a larger or a smaller 'Cardboard Boat Book' boat.
  • Do you want to build a cardboard boat for 3 or more people? Or build a scale model?
  • This document will explain the design details for enlarging or reducing the physical size of a 'Cardboard Boat Book' boat.

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**NEW** 'Cardboard Boat Book' Boat Designs

I have designed numerous different looking boats that simply fold up from cardboard obtaining their strength from the geometry of the component parts. All boats are constructed with cardboard, paper tape, glue, and sealed with a waterproof coating.

The new boat designs are available to purchase. Send email to, info@thecardboardboatbook.com for pricing and availability. 

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